We asked a doctor for her best hangover cures

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Écrit par Smaël Bouaici
Electronic music lover Alexandra Dalu is a doctor of nutrition and anti-ageing. Here, she gives us her best advice for handling the parties and those difficult mornings after, to be found in more detail in her book 100 common misconceptions that keep us from good health, with a preface from world judo champion Teddy Riner.  Translated by Henry Hodson.

Often, on nights out, we don’t keep things in balance but rather in excess. How can we party without overdoing it?

There are natural methods available. There are plenty of tricks to lasting the night without drugs, like caffeine. That’s a real stimulant. Robusta coffee is the most powerful. Food supplements containing ginseng and ginger along with a protein-rich dinner will also keep you awake: a slice of beef, fish, shellfish, rice, lentils and vegetables. Fibres and slow-release sugars stabilise your blood sugar, which helps avoid discomfort and tiredness. I worked for ten years in an emergency ward and I’ve seen how dramatic the consequences of drugs or too much alcohol can be.

What advice would you give to best manage alcohol?

The best thing is still to drink in moderation and above all during a big meal, because that limits the absorption of alcohol in the blood and its consequences (pains, fatigue, induced coma). Obviously, that is not possible in a club, hence the idea of eating well before going out. Avoid mixing alcohol with sodas or fruit juices (the sugar accelerates its absorption) and drink lots of water before going out. 

We hear a lot about energy drinks. What is the truth?

They pose no problem when consumed in moderation as they are very rich in sugars, in phosphates and in caffeine. They can make you jittery and nervous, and they are dehydrating, so make sure you drink them with water too. Be careful though, if you have had alcohol and stimulant drugs (cocaine or amphetamines), you run the risk of a high leading to heart attack, or even psychological problems.

Should you eat when you get back?

If you have drunk a lot, it’s best to eat something, even just a little sandwich, some chicken or a bowl of cereal for the fibre. Drink a litre of sparkling water with betaine citrate before sleeping, to soak up the acidity of the alcohol.

We often spend the whole of the next day in bed. Is there a better way of recovering?

If you have the strength, go for a walk or even some sport for the most active among you. A good walk allows you to remove the toxins built up your body. At lunchtime, eat a healthy meal (vegetable soup, salad, crudités, white meats or fish…) and continue to drink lots of water.

How to get back into the rhythm before going back to work on Monday?

The best thing after a night out is to wake up at a ‘reasonable time’. Obviously, not at 7 o’clock if you came back at 6, but in the morning, around 10-10.30am, leave it at four hours sleep. When you wake up, have some water, coffee, tea, lots of fruit, then some sport. After dinner, you can have a small nap of no more than half an hour, and it should be before 3 o’clock, so as not to disturb your sleep cycle. That way you’ll be on form come Monday morning.


– Squeeze a whole lemon into a bottle of sparkling water and take a betaine citrate capsule. With salad, herbs and dried fruits (raisins for example), it’s a good cure for the migraine and way back to form.

– If you can’t resist your fatty urges the next day, eat eggs. It’s a good compromise, as they contain vitamins and essential amino acids. 

– A 45 minute nap allows you to make up for almost four hours sleep. Do it before a big dinner around 23.30 to arrive at the club around 1am. After that, you’re set for the evening and even the after-party without drugs or even much alcohol. 


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