The Weather Festival going to spread all over France

Écrit par Sinah Vonderweiden
Le 21.03.2016, à 13h27
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Écrit par Sinah Vonderweiden
The Weather Festival, which takes place around Paris for four years by now, decided to relocate a part of its activity in several other French cities when the festival season starts again. Marseille, Bordeaux and Lille as well as Lyon and Nantes welcome the technophile teams of the Weather Tour during the upcoming weeks.

Before returning from 3rd to 5th June for the fourth summer edition of the Weather Festival at the Bourget exhibition center, the teams of the collective Surprize – which form also the head of the famous Concrete houseboat, wetting the quayside Rapée – decided to snatch in the Parisian microcosm and share their technophile expertise with other major cities in France.

This is how we find Anetha, invited by Cave Carli Radio and La Nuit Magazine, on 3rd April at Villa Alliv in Marseille. The resident of Blocaus, who’s also playing at the Weather, will be the first to get the ball rolling in the provinces.

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On 9th April from 18h to 22h, it will be the turn of EinKa to occupy the cultural space of the Hangar Darwin at Bordeaux for a musical “lunaire” in collaboration with Open Minded. For the highly motivated, the webzine will continue with the party night at the Block from midnight on with François X and Shlømo on the menu, again some people which are used to play at the Concrete.

Apart from Bordeaux and Marseille, the Weather Tour will also stop at Lille, Lyon and Nantes, where the programs have not yet been released. But some goodies and especially the tickets for the Bourget-edition on 3rd June will be available through a lottery at their various parties.


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