The history of electronic music in 476 tracks

Écrit par Sinah Vonderweiden
Le 14.03.2016, à 13h39
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Écrit par Sinah Vonderweiden
Uploaded in 2011, the considerable collection of music clips proposes a version of electroacoustic history that pulls through big names like Pierre Schaeffer, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen or Pierre Boulez. The digging-veterans will love it.

We are going to uncover a huge collection of music clips for you, which envisions french electroacoustic music history. About 500 pieces of music related to the genre – that is the intersection of concrete and electronic music styles – are available as a free download on UbuWeb, a hacker website which is half pirate half avant-garde in view of an unpublished artistic content.

The selection includes a number of big names which shaped the way of contemporary compositions. Amogst others we found the french Pierre Schaeffer, often cited as the forerunner of concrete music, or the noisey John Cage, creator of the pioneering series Imaginary Landscape, which combines acoustic instruments and sinusoidal sound recordings.

Imaginary Landscape n°1, de John Cage (1939)

The history of this collection evokes something romantic: a young Brazilian student of electroacoustic composition decided in 2009 to collect and upload a selection of tracks rallied by his teacher, drawn, as he said, from his personal collection. Baptised “History of electroacoustic music” and including a total of 62 CD’s, this selection was then lost in the web but reappeard in 2011 on UbuWeb.


Anyways, Ubuweb states that “the collection is clearly biased”, reproaching this list will contain only a few female names and depicts only a brief insight in the electroacoustic music. “However, the selection is outstanding and contains a ton of good things,” says the website, which invites the listener to take this opportunity to create a new, own playlist, “more smart, inclusive and comprehensive.”

Created in 1996 by the American poet and theorist Kenneth Goldsmith, UbuWeb celebrates its 20th year of existence in November.

Here you go!

* The UbuWeb server may be a little slow, be patient and add the link in favorites 😉 *


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