Surgeon: 8 essential records by the founding father of industrial techno

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Le 02.09.2016, à 12h45
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Écrit par Sylvain Di Cristo
Surgeon has always had a prominent place in TRAX’s editorial, and we believe it is well deserved. As one of the founding fathers of industrial techno in the UK, Surgeon is probably the kind of artist who belongs to another musical age but still contributes to redefine its future. As part of his visit in Paris (he will play at the Dream Nation Festival, Paris’ Techno Parade after party on September 24th), TRAX has asked Anthony Child to write a few words – something he does on very rare occasions – on eight of his most essential records, eight timeless masterpieces.

1/ Suicide – Suicide LP [Red Star]

This is the first techno record I heard (by my definition). I first heard it in the mid 80’s and it really changed my world. It doesn’t matter how many times I go back and listen to it, it’s always an inspiration. A masterpiece.

2/ Faust – Seventy One Minutes Of… [ReR]

Another great inspiration for me. Dramatic and sonically brave. They took the rules book and tore it up. I remember playing this to a friend of mine and he described it as being like a mental assault course.

3/ Coil – Love’s Secret Domain [Threshold House]

Coil are the masters of many alternate universes. This album covers so much ground and gently grazes the early rave scene. Truly lysergic.

4/ Regis – Speak To Me [Downwards]

Massive, relentless, and brutal hypnotism.

5/ Millsart – Step To Enchantment (Stringent) [Axis]

A huge wall of sound from Jeff Mills. Often imitated, never bettered. All the other tracks on this varied release are worth checking too.

6/ Joey Beltram – Life Force [Trax Records]

This whole record is full of forgotten gems.

7/ Ron Trent – Altered States [Warehouse Records]

Strings of Life” never really meant anything to me. This was always THE emotional techno anthem for me.

8/ Sarah Davachi – Qualities of Bodies Permanent [Constellation Tatsu]

Beautiful, subtle and psychoactive tones.


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