Some Swiss architects have invented a truly inflatable club

Écrit par Smaël Bouaici
Photo de couverture : ©Bureau A
Le 26.09.2016, à 19h32
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©Bureau A
Écrit par Smaël Bouaici
Photo de couverture : ©Bureau A
Architects have created an inflatable club made out of PVC for the annual Swiss Federation of Architects bash.Translated by Sam Shore.

Beyond a pop-up club, the Swiss architectural firm Bureau A has created an inflatable one and they’re calling it Shelter. “This mysterious black vessel” includes a bar, dancefloor, DJ booth as well as tables and chairs (more like cushions), all inflatable, too. The shell was constructed out of PVC in order to guarantee a quick deflation., by way of Mixmag, has reported that the structure was commissioned by the Swiss Federation of Architects (Bund Schweizer Architekten), for their summer festival. Shelter will be set up in the Sicli Pavilion in Geneva.

“For one night the black hole of a rather cautious and conservative organization will shows its proclivity for distortion, wild abandon, and provocation with a nod, a sly smile, and sweat” explain its creators.

The design stems from “research on underground shelters exploring new territory below the earth’s surface, reflecting the theories of Beatriz Colomina, Paul Virilio and Gaston Bachelard”.


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