Resonate festival : 4 days and 4 nights of well honed techno and augmented reality in Serbia

Écrit par Lucien Rieul
Photo de couverture : ©Resonate Festival
Le 22.02.2017, à 12h28
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©Resonate Festival
Écrit par Lucien Rieul
Photo de couverture : ©Resonate Festival
From April 19 to 22, We Are Europe (the project coordinated by Arty Farty, that its director revealed to us here) will be in Belgrade to participate in Resonate. Following in the footsteps of its quasi-homologous Austrian counterpart, Elevate, the Serbian festival will combine conferences and musical performances, this year inviting c/o pop Festival and Sónar / Sónar+D to participate in the programming. Photos : We Are Europe

It’s the leitmotif of We Are Europe: Creating hybrid events allowing European youth to come together for dancing and exchanging ideas about their future via an insightful programming and tailored events.  In that vein,  the Resonate festival will be divided into two parts; the Resonate Conference and Resonate Live. Days will be dedicated to conferences and workshops, starting with Machine learning for artists on April 17, a three day seminar leading up to the festival that will focus on the role of algorithms in the utilisation of multimedia data. 

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“The data” will be a reoccurring theme of the festival, not only with an A P P A R E L workshop dedicated to data usage and augmented reality in fashion but also in a workshop led by plasticien Joanna Moll, who will explore the analytical and online tracking tools used in corporate marketing. c/o  pop Convention – the “conference” half  of the German festival  – will organise events tailored for electronic music lovers: DJ-auteurs Hans Nieswandt and Jace Clayton (DJ /rupture) will  talk respectively about musical performance and the role of culture in urban development. Dimitri Hegemann, founder of the Berlin club, Tresor,  will be expounding on culture and urbanism as well as leading a conference on the last day of the festival.

Producer Biosphere

The musical program will not disappoint,  with some thirty high level artists appearing during the day and at club soirees: Stephen O’Malley and Peder Mannerfelt will cover the most abstract and abrasive territory while a performance by veteran producer Biosphere (whose latest album, Departed Glories, was hailed by critics) should delight all those partial to ambient. Rapper/performer Mykki Blanco is also on the bill as well as a number of plasticiens, who will be presenting their newest audio-visual shows.

The location of the various events will soon be revealed. They will most likely hold their ground with the sights that we discover in the 2015 documentary that was shooted at the Resonate.


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