Parisian techno boom featured in a new documentary

Écrit par Smaël Bouaici
Le 31.08.2016, à 17h04
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Écrit par Smaël Bouaici
Today, the Parisian techno scene is more alive than it has ever been. We’ve already written with pride about our video covering the famous Paris techno weekend. Now, additional video from Pioneer, DJsounds, in the form of a 30min documentary, reveals more of the history of the various electronic music currents in Paris, primarily through the eyes of the main actors in the electronic music scene.

Antigone, Julien Boisseau and Marc Resplandy (Sonotown), Antoine Buffard (Trax), Brice Coudert (Surpr!ze), D’Julz, DJ Deep, Djebali, Stéphanie Fichard (Kill The DJ), Laurent Garnier, Jack Lang, Molly, Hîm Mohamed, Yoann Till (Soukmachines), Nick V, Tommy Vaudecrane (Technopol), Francois X, Fabrice Gadeau (Rex Club), Molly… The list of  well-known (as well as lesser-known) DJ’s on the Parisian scene remains long, all part of an the equally long history yet to be told.

the underground sound of paris documentaire

During the past 20 years electronic music has frequently changed octaves but has never missed a beat. Now, as it reaches its pinnacle in France, DJsounds has decided to premier a four part documentary series with the first episode entitled: The Underground Sound of Paris. In it, you’ll meet the drivers of a music scene that has been exploding for the past five years, a scene that Trax follows daily in order to inform you of its every move.


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