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Écrit par Sinah Vonderweiden
Le 11.03.2016, à 18h00
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Écrit par Sinah Vonderweiden
In the wake of St Germain’s album released in 2015, and his two remixes which followed in august, the parisian acid-jazz label Parlophone published another EP right away. In the work: Remixes of Atjazz, Terry Laird et Boddhi Satva, but especially of DJ Deep and Romain Poncet, who brought up a quite big surprise.

Unexpected. This is the expression, chosen by the editorial staff, to qualify the EP released last friday. Unexpected, because we didn’t anticipate two producers from the conventional techno world, like DJ Deep and Romain Poncet, to enter the temple of acid-jazz. This is definitely proof that these two techno artists are becoming adventurous.

More expectable were the releases last August 28th by Atjazz, the British musician who is spreading deep and soulful house since 25 years, and Terry Laird, producer and co-founder of the labels Rue du Louvre (1999) and Just House (2004). We will show you their impressive remix-series of central-african Boddhi Satva, called “Sittin’ Here”.


St Germain – Sittin’ Here (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)

The remix of Boddhi Satva reuses the skeleton of the original composition, but without destroying it. He deliberately focuses on african rhythm. As a result the sounds are much more acoustic. For that kind of music we would immediately change the continent.

St Germain – Sittin’ Here (Atjazz Remix)

Atjazz also falls back on the skeleton of the version of St Germain, but decided to hop on the gravy train with some deep house sounds. Apart from the vocals the african rhythms disappear in favor of a chopped beat which is still referring to acid vibes.

St Germain – Sittin’ Here (Terry Laird Deep Duba Remix)

The remix of Terry Laird is profiting from its pushing energy. The rhythms, frequent and catchy, are creating a track which is way more club sound as the original.

St Germain – Real Blues (DJ Deep & Romain Poncet Remix)

This two french guys were delivering the big surprise. Usually gravitating in the techno-universe, DJ Deep and Romain Poncet try to take their audience away to discover a mixture of tribal trance music, cleverly mixing sounds of the balafon and furious djembe drumbeats.


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