Is Roland going to release a new TR-909?

Écrit par Paul Herincx
Le 23.08.2016, à 17h23
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Écrit par Paul Herincx
Roland just announced the launch of a new set of the device for the 33th birthday of the mythical drum machine.Translated by Antonin Pruvot

“For 33 years, the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer has been one of the most definitive sounds in music, and the beating heart of electronic music culture. Join us on September 9 at a global live-streaming event, as we celebrate 33 years of the “909” with the release of new and inspiring electronic instruments.”

The message posted on Tuesday (23rd) probably kept a few musicians from sleeping that night. Particularly techno artists for whom the TR-909 is such a big piece of history. Some of its sounds became iconic and producer still use the wide range of possibilities that the device offers. The basses, the drums and the kicks of the 909 are to this day the very basis of the structures of many electronic music tracks.

Jeff Mills live TR 909

Kowton – More Games

The TR-909 was only produced for two years in 1985-1986 which made the price on the second hand market skyrocketed, they have now reach several thousand euros a piece. The answer to such scarcity was the birth of many brilliant and innovative projects, like the HTML version published last year.

We do not know yet how much the 909’s heir is going to be, nor what it will look like but, according to Roland’s dedicated web page, it will come with a set of new instruments. Stay put more infos will come out on September 9th. There will be streamed events all around the world (Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Brussels, Tokyo, Berlin and Paris) throughout the day; the French capital will host the new pianos and keyboards display.


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