Great news: Ibiza’s air now sold in tin cans

Écrit par Antonin Pruvot
Photo de couverture : ©Giancula Pomo one of the founders. German Lama
Le 15.07.2016, à 17h55
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©Giancula Pomo one of the founders. German Lama
Écrit par Antonin Pruvot
Photo de couverture : ©Giancula Pomo one of the founders. German Lama
Arrested club owners, searched clubs and cancelled parties have not succeeded in silencing Ibiza’s dynamism and life energy. Hence two really ambitious entrepreneurs who decided to Ibiza’s canned air on the market.
It’s during a Sunday family walk that the idea struck Gianluca Pomo and his friend José Antonio Fernández: they thought that Ibiza had such a great and fresh air that people would probably be ready to pay for it. So they made sealed boxes of Ibiza’s air that they sell for the surprising price of 5.90 euros (approximatively 5pound) a tin. But who thought air could be so well marketed? 100% Ibiza air, vegan and gluten free, claims the packaging.

Ibiza surely has many virtues although one could question how many of those are encapsulated in its air. Yet having a tin of Ibiza’s air in your living room might be of good taste, and if not, it will make for a nice souvenir (which, let’s face it, is its only purpose). You’ll also have to rely on the good faith of the sellers as it’s sealed and even if you went through the process tearing it apart, can anyone tell Ibiza’s air from any other?

One could argue on the dubiousness of selling “empty” tin boxes for almost 6 euros but at the end of the day it’s not really different from the overpriced small Eiffel towers sold in Paris, expensive “Keep Calm” T-shirts in London, or all the Ampelmännchen merchandising in Berlin. It is a souvenir like another, the only questions worth asking is: Wouldn’t you be better of bringing home the memories of the interstellar sets one can hear in Ibiza’s finest clubs ?

Here the website of the product.


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