George Clinton is back on Flying Lotus’ label

Le 24.08.2016, à 15h12
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Some (a.k.a. many) of us were waiting since his last album in 2008. George Clinton, the funk messiah, inventor of P-Funk and leader of Parliament-Funkadelic, is finally heading back to the studios. And not just any studio he will work on Flying Lotus’ label, Brainfeeder.Translated by Antonin Pruvot

The news came yesterday in an interview for the American radio KCRM (at 19:00), by the most concerned protagonists: Flying Lotus and George Clinton. To answer the questions regarding the content and the spirit of that project, George Clinton quoted one of his leading tracks “Give Up The Think” “As always, we expect to tear the roof off the sucker.

The news was quickly officialised by a tweet from the label and another one from Flying Lotus (to which Clinton just replied “woof”), the album should come out in 2017 and include many featurings. 

Gerge Clinton may not have published anything in the last eight years and his album George Clinton and His Gangsters of Love, but his collaboration with Flying Lotus is no news, they had already worked together on the project WOKE alongside artists like Shabazz Palaces and Thundercat. Flying Lotus confess in that same interview for KCRW his admiration for George Clinton.

Clinton is not only one of funk’s founding fathers, his records have also been a great influence for electronic music and techno. His sounds were the soundtrack of Derrick may, Juan Atkins or Kevin Sauderson’s childhood, and those are surely not going to disregard their disco and funk roots. Derrick May even describes his music as “George Clinton meeting Kraftwerk in an elevator.”

We can safely assume that the outcome of all this can only be a musical success when we take a look at Clinton’s career and Brainfeeder’s excellency.


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