French club Badaboum is going to hide DJs behind a curtain

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Le 27.09.2016, à 11h56
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Écrit par Thémis Belkhadra
Badaboum in Paris will be testing out an innovative new idea at its forthcoming Thursday club night, ‘Merci’. The team behind the French club aims to take clubbing back to the old school as they embark on a project focussing on anonymity, free entry and original sounds.Translate by Lewis Barnes

The days of hearing “who’s that playing?” or “what time’s DJ Machine on?” are numbered. And so too the days of crowds turned towards the stage like a field of sunflowers. On Thursday 6th October, Badaboum will inaugurate a new series of parties as bold as it is original. Merci offers a “return to the original values of clubbing”. The anonymity of Underground Resistance, the free raves of the 90s, the crazed energy on the dance floors of Chicago… Could it be that Paris is about to see a weekly revival of those golden years?

“Every Thursday, DJs will be invited to play at Badaboum as silhouettes behind an illuminated backdrop”, explains Martin Munier, artistic director at the club. “The artists’ names may occasionally be revealed during the night, but not in advance.” At the moment, the team is considering the possibility of raising the curtain around 3am. “We want to experiment with the concept, which will at once allow renowned artists to explore new ideas and emerging artists to prove their worth.”

As far as programming is concerned, the spotlight will be on “house, funk and world music”: “We want to explore these sounds which we hold close to our hearts.” Merci will be a collaborative project by the teams behind Mellotron and Sundae. So there’s absolutely no reason to worry about the musical content of this experimental new night.

Mehmet Aslan, DJ set @ Le Mellotron

The first instalment will take place on the 6th October at Badaboum, which is calmly pursuing its ascension among the most cherished clubs in the French capital. Needless to say, we’ve got no idea who will be the first artists to grace the booth behind Merci’s curtain. If you want to find out, you’ll have to check it out first hand, and don’t sweat, because here’s the best part: entry to Merci is free.


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