Euro nightlife guide #2: our best tips to party in Warsaw

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Écrit par Trax Magazine
Alright, Berlin is not exactly dead and you may still find wild nightlife in Belgrade, Leipzig or Kiev. But there’s more to Europe’s party scene than that, there are other destinations for party enthusiasts where alternative cultures are booming. Prague, Warsaw, Vienna or Bucharest have pretty good claims on this renewal of Europe’s nightlife. We went there to judge their coolness on a scale from 1 to Berlin: best clubs, drugs and alcohol policies, costs… Here are some essential tips for your next expedition. Get your old sneakers out, your fancy sunglasses and a few T-shirts and fly your way there.By Vincent Glad. Translate by Marianne Berges.Published in TRAX #193 (Rodhad) – June 2016.

Warsaw, the fragile freedom

We’re not going to lie about it: Warsaw is ugly. But things happen there, especially in the summer. The Polish have that Northern generosity that make them brave harsh winters to set loose in the summer. Surprisingly, Warsaw is the ultimate spot to listen to electronic music on the beach: on the shore of the Vistula river, there are dozens of bars and clubs where you can enter for free and even bring you own booze and end up lighting a fire until dawn. Let’s keep this a secret: most tourists have yet not realized that Warsaw is becoming a hot place to party and the clubs are mostly filled with locals.

It all started for the techno scene in 2009, when the mythical 1500m2 opened in Warsaw. Michał Brzozowski, a local DJ who started out in Berlin, decided to open a gigantic club in what used to be a printing plant. The place managed to establish the winter codes for clubbing: sharp, dark, smoky and free. It has since moved to an ice cold former school. The main floor is in the old gym, the bathroom where the showers were. Piece of advice: don’t peek behind the curtains…Vasrovian nights, whether in the simmer or winter, always end up at the Luzztro, an after club even filthier than the dirtiest clubs in Berlin. Warsaw is young and modern, but Poland is old and conservative and has recently been going back to an alarming nationalism. Even in Warsaw, racism is quite strong.

Drugs and alcohol

One rule to follow: stay away from the police. They’re everywhere in the city, not friendly at all and will not make the slightest effort to speak English. Drinking on the streets is outlawed and the Polish take the drug issue very serioulsy. For instance, every year, someone is sent to prison for a year for use of cannabis. On the other hand, drugs are all over the place inside the clubs where you can find bad cocaine and mephedrone.

3 clubs, 3 atmospheres

  • Nowa Jerozolima: Ever since the 1500m2 moved out, Nowa has been the best club in town. The crowd is young with hipsters everywhere. A smoky place with a sharp programmation (Staphan Bodzin, Blawan, Pariah…)
  • Plazowa: The best beach in Warsaw: a huge stretch of sand sheltered by a bridge. The best time to go is on Sunday evenings with the lasts crusaders of the Varsovian nights.
  • Milosc: Perfect to start your evening, a bit posh but always cool, and the patio is gorgeous. You can impress the Polish by translating « milosc » which means « love ».

What a night will cost you: 35 €
Dinner: 10 €
2 beers in a bar: 4 €
2 gin & tonics in a club: 8 €
Club entrance fees: from 5 € to 10 €
Taxi back to the hotel: 6 €

Berlin cred’: 5/10

The best time to go: In the Summer, with the continental weather that makes the city hotter than ever.

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