Check out the funniest cartoon on techno culture we’ve seen this year

Écrit par Trax Magazine
Photo de couverture : ©Claire Webster
Le 27.06.2016, à 17h49
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©Claire Webster
Écrit par Trax Magazine
Photo de couverture : ©Claire Webster
When an artist collaborated with Electronic Beats and caricatured the electronic world. Translated by Henry Hodson.

Is there a gap between the old generation of ravers and the new? That’s what Claire Webster aka Clairikine, a franco-american artist living in Berlin, hints towards in a hilarious cartoon you can read here, created for the German site Electronic Beats.

Though she might not seem to be a specialist on the topic (judging by the profile on her blog), this is already the second collaboration between now-Berliner Claire Webster and the site based in the same city. The first, to be read just below, gives four essential steps for after the party. 

Electronic Beats (Claire Webster) 

It’s an idea which recalls the series of ‘Collectable Club Kids’ started some months ago by Electronic Beats. Here, we’re getting a little impatient: how long will it be until the adventures of Steve The Shuffler appear in our pages?


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