Buy your presales and drinks with the Shotgun app in advance

Écrit par Sinah Vonderweiden
Le 15.04.2016, à 11h49
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Écrit par Sinah Vonderweiden
Here it finally is, the application that will make life easier for French clubbers. Waiting endless minutes to return into the club? Hanging in despair of just seeing the queue of people waiting in front of the bar? It’s over now. With Shotgun, you can buy your presales, and especially your drinks, in advance from your mobile.

This application works like Tinder, except that instead of singles, it’s about events and even drinks that can be scrolled and that you can chack out with your own eyes. When you find a party-match, you can simply book your ticket – without any commitments.

But instead of buying a calssic presale, you are only charged when you really enter the club. For your consumption it’s the same procedure, just directly at the bar. In concrete, the money leaves your account when the action is done, and you do not even need to use hard cash.

And there’s even more: Through its partnerships, the application grants access to drinks and club sounds at a lower price. Already in full launch, Shotgun’s partners include plenty locations like the Showcase, Faust, Chez Moune, Rex, Confiserie, Malibu and soon La Machine du Moulin Rouge. As well some partnerships with certain Parisian collectives are to be expected soon.

Shotgun (application)

Shotgun officialise son lancement ce vendredi 22 avril à la Machine du Moulin Rouge, à l’occasion de la soirée de La Mamie’s + Camion Bazar.


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