Burning Man Tickets sold out after only 30 minutes

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Le 25.03.2016, à 11h56
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©Ian Brewer
Écrit par Trax Magazine
Photo de couverture : ©Ian Brewer
Each year the crazy Burning Man festival settles in the desert of Nevada in the United States, building only for this occasion a transient village answering to the lovely name Black Rock City. For the 2016 edition, 30,000 places were gone in 30 minutes.

This Tuesday, 30,000 tickets for the pretty trendy and famous festival in the desert were sold at noontime for $390 per presale. And they were gone in just half an hour. Additionally 10,000 vehicle sites were sold for $80 each. But this it not at all where it ends: This year, the organisers of this unusual festival, which puts it’s focused on the community-thought, art, self-expression and autonomy, have introduced a new sort of ticket called “Leonardo da Vinci”. These tix are available for the cheeky price of $1,200.

These strategy of selling tickets, which offers no other advantage than being considered as one of the sponsors of the gathering, is the result of the increasing difficulties which the promoters have to face. In view of the organisation of the festival, the short-lived town Black Rock City is becoming more and more expensive, while the costs for the administrative licenses would remain the same, but the accommodation capacity is limited, reports the website KTVU. The team leading the festival organisation says that the name Leonardo da Vinci was chosen in reference to the “patrons of art during the Italian Renaissance, that were related to friendship with the artists they have supported and celebrated.” This sale went online in February, so these tickets are also completely sold out.

If you have money to squander, a few tickets are still available on alternative online markets such as Craigslist or Stubhub. They have just reached a price of $850, with a vehicle pass wich is gettable for $290 extra. Dirt cheap, right?


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