A Frenchman attempts to map out the world’s best clubs

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Le 04.11.2016, à 15h06
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©Google Maps
Écrit par Smaël Bouaici
Photo de couverture : ©Google Maps
Matthieu Rodrigues got it into his head to create a map of the world’s best clubs, a valuable tool for tourists looking for parties and great music. We’re giving him a helping hand.

Here’s some news that will delight all you electronic music road warriors. Matthieu Rodrigues, the communications director at Miala – the agency behind Nuits Electriques and Big Festival – has taken on the job of cataloguing the best clubs in the world. Those of you who are voyagers can help him with his task.

Although posts like “Ideas for a night out in Pyongyang?” or “Cool places to check out in Ciudad Juarez ?” are all over Facebook groups, some, like Matthieu, are trying to find better solutions. “I started the project a few months ago, then I put it aside and it faded onto the back burner. I thought of it again when I noticed a guy asking about going out in I forget which city on the Facebook group page PWFM. So I decided to make my map public and include a link for submitting new places.” It’s a collaboration where everybody is welcome to bring their suggestions and then ideally have them validated by Matthieu. Certain lists already exist online but this kind of project, in the form of a map, is probably a first. “I remember one document that had all the clubs listed. Everyone could modify them, though, and it quickly degenerated into a mess. Suddenly, I wanted to develop my own, making sure that it stays accurate and harmonious and that people can’t put up stuff that’s ridiculous.”

As of last Friday the number of mapped clubs was up to 120, almost all of them added by Matthieu. “Today, I have about fifty more that came in by submission and I need to find some time to add them to the map.” The idea is to compile the clubs that have good sound quality; “Finding the commercial clubs is pretty easy. With this map, I wanted to include other clubs with more niche programming, primarily house / techno.”

For the time being the majority of clubs are located in Europe but the map is just itching to expand: “I had to begin somewhere so I started close to home.” In fact, it’s a bit more complicated to find travelers fortunate enough to venture beyond the European borders.
“I recently had some clubs submitted from North America and Asia and that’s a great thing. The goal is really to expand beyond just our neighbouring countries.”

If you would like to lay your own brick in the foundation wall, here’s the address of the clubbing map. Bon voyage!


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